We supply equipment used to provide adequate ventilation for industrial and commercial facilities includes fans, blowers, material handling systems, heaters, hoods, and vents. Our air specialists design and service ventilation systems to meet needs for air circulation, exhaust, or temperature control.
  • Complete ductwork and accessories designed for a wide range of industrial and commercial ventilation applications.
  • Materials of construction selected to suit given application: Polypropylene, PVC, FRP, Glass reinforced as required, and Mild Steel/Stainless Steel.
  • Full Auto-Cad design service.
  • On Site installation.
  • Complete packages on request.
  • Pressure testing, balancing and commissioning as required.
Industrial Ventilation Applications:
Commercial Ventilation, Industrial Air Circulation, Custom-fabricated Hoods, Roof Ventilation, Spot / Man Coolers, Industrial Infra-red Heaters, Temperature Control, Industrial / Commercial Exhaust Equipment
Industrial Ventilation & Direct Exhaust System
Industrial Ventilation & Direct Exhaust System
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