• Filter Replacement - We offer complete range of replacement filters for all types of dust collectors, i.e. shaker type filter, pulse-jet and reverse-air cleaned filters. Our filters come in all sizes & shapes, i.e. from round tubular bags to envelope shape and pleated filters & cartridge. There are a wide variety of filter materials to suit different applications, e.g. needlefelt or woven, polyester, polypropylene, nomex, PTFE, Ryton.
  • Mist Eliminator – For removal of water droplets in gas scrubbers.
  • Instrumentation – For performance monitoring of air pollution control equipments, i.e  Magnehelic gauge, pressure gauge, temperature sensor, flow meter & pH meter.
  • Packing - Polypropylene packing for wet and gas scrubbers
  • Mechanical Parts – Motor, valves etc.
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