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Cartridge filter type is another commonly used type of dust collector. This type of collector employs perforated metal cartridges that contain a pleated, nonwoven filtering media. Due to its pleated design, the total filtering surface area is greater than in a conventional bag of the same diameter, resulting in reduced air to media ratio, pressure drop, and overall collector size. Cartridge filter dust collectors are highly efficient in collection of dust with high bulk densities and fine dust particles. Filter cake forms well with low pressure drop and has high filtration efficiency.

All our cartridge dust collectors come with filter pulse jet cleaning system. This automatically and effectively purges and dislodges material plugged on filters. Capable of reverse pulse cleaning, huge banks of cartridge filters can be used to continuously collect dust from a factory's dust collection system.

Cartridge dust collectors provide effective dust filtration for various industrial processes like rubber grinding, pharmaceutical, cement, mineral process, aluminium dust, paint pigment & chemicals. Our cartridge collectors are also available in downdraft tables and containment booths.

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