Horizontal Box Scrubber
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Horizontal box scrubber is designed to treat large exhaust streams with low contaminant concentrations. An extremely low pressure loss is estimated for this type of scrubber.

The equipment configuration eliminates the need for interconnecting ductwork since the fan can be close coupled directly to gas outlet and therefore, access for maintenance is also convenient. For cases where more than one scrubbing solution is required, crossflow units can be design in series. Designed to minimize the height for low-profile applications, the crossflow scrubber is highly effective for absorption of gaseous pollutants and can even handle moderate loadings of solids due to its flushing characteristics.

Materials of construction selected to suit given applications: Polypropylene, PVC, FRP, Glass reinforced as required, Mild Steel / Stainless Steel. Package systems for this horizontal box scrubber completed with tanks, pumps, instrumentation, piping, fans, chimney and controls
Applications: Broad range of manufacturing and process industries, semiconductor, metal finishing, and chemical industries and all facilities generating corrosive fumes and gases.

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